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Learn the philosophy & approach
that can crack open life, sex & relationship
into the deepest magical realms

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What if the biggest lie we've been told is that life has to be boring and repressed?


On This Tantric Life with Layla Martin, you'll learn the Tantric philosophy and approach that can transform life, intimacy and relationships into the deepest magical realms. It's possible to do magic in the forest with your friends and to have outrageous sacred sexuality experiences. It's possible to dance and laugh your way through trauma healing and personal development. Join Layla Martin for incredible conversations with the most brilliant minds on the planet as they explore the intersection of mysticism and science.


Explore Tantra, breathwork, sacred sexuality and sex magic with this delightful cast of characters


Learn Tantric philosophy
and practices


Celebrate your way
through life


Have your mind blown
by the possibilities of spirituality

Featured Episodes

Misunderstandings & truths about female sexuality with Dr. Wednesday

• The path to non-monogomy & women’s sexual autonomy
• How the clitoris & culture intersect
• How domestication actually decreases female libido
• What patriarchy is and the social evolution to female autonomy
• How to unlock your eros for empowerment
•The best way to get in the mood
•How old Dr. Wednesday was when she got her first vibrator
How to Bring Out the Best in Men with Alison Armstrong

• Understand the stories we tell ourselves about men and dating
• Explore the hierarchy of Human Instinct
• How to truly listen and not just hear
• Discover how lust and attraction play a part in relationships How to see a man’s soul and inherent divine masculinity
• The way in which honoring your best self attracts your most resonant partners
How I Learned to Worship Women with Mike Posner

• True devotion to love and how you can reach it yourself
• What Mike’s sex life was like before and after his experience with a sex witch
• How having compassion for our own healing and growth process allows us to process our emotions
• Practical, impactful tools for helping heal the men in your life
• How empty sex leaves you feeling empty
• And where the two of us went completely off the rails…
Layla Martin and Aubrey Marcus in the podcast studio

Divine Masculine, Sacred Union & Tantric Practices

At 36 and newly single (after I decided not to marry my long-term partner)…

I wanted to find a way I could make sure I’d stop repeating the same patterns that contributed to relationships that didn’t work out. I also wanted to discover how to heal the toxic behaviors I'd witnessed in myself during partnerships.

On a quest to transform my deep-ass daddy issues from a sexually abusive childhood, I finally discovered the work needed to stop fighting with my partners, learn how to truly worship them as the divine masculine they are, and how to show up in sacred union for myself and my significant other.

As I dove even deeper into powerful Tantric practices and teachings, my self-worth evolved to a level I'd never experienced and my dating and relationship partners elevated beyond my wildest dreams.

My incredible lineup of guests and I dive even deeper into the power of sacred sexuality, Tantric practices and teachings, the path to conscious relationships and the magic of stepping into your full, authentic sexual expression.

Join guests like Aubrey Marcus, Mike Posner, Alison Armstrong, Kate Northrup, Dr. Wednesday Martin, Aaron Alexander and Dr. Cat Meyer as we discuss next level version of conscious manhood, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra teachings and practices, upleveling relationships and more.

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Layla Martin with wildflowers

Meet Layla

Layla Martin is a thought leader in the intersection of sexual wellness, Tantra, erotic empowerment, and personal development. Named the Headmistress of Pleasure by Women's Health Magazine and a Sexpert Extraordinaire by Cosmopolitan, Layla has spent her life studying the science and deep magic of sexuality and human relationships. As founder of the VITA™ Method, she's been certifying professionals in a Tantric approach to Love, Sex, and Relationships for over 7 years and has worked with over 15,000 paid clients.