How much is the 2024 VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification Program?

We have three (3) different enrollment periods. A discount is available for each if you pay in full. Here are the details for each: 

  • Super Early Bird (July 25 - September 12, 2023)
    • Pay in Full: $13,000
    • Payment Plan: 24-month payment plan at $566 USD per month
  • Early Bird (September 13-November 7, 2023) 
    • Pay in Full: $14,000
    • Payment Plan: 24-month payment plan at $599 USD per month 
  • Standard (November 8, 2023-January 8, 2024) 
    • Pay in Full: $15,000
    • Payment Plan: 24-month payment plan at $650 USD per month
Are there any extra costs?

You’ll need to invest in about 10-12 books for the whole year, which is an additional cost of about $200-300 USD. You’ll also need some amazing pleasure tools, such as a jade/crystal egg, glass dildo, etc (we’ll share a detailed toy list with you upon enrollment) which is about $200 USD as well.

The cost of the optional Live Embodiment Retreat is also not included in the initial purchase. 

The Live Embodied Retreat includes 7 nights of accommodations, 3 locally sourced meals per day, and the retreat sessions. All rooms are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis when registration opens. You can expect the total cost to be in a range of $2,195 - $3,750, depending on which room you select.

Other than that, there are no extra costs to do the program or after the program.

Is there a money back guarantee?

We are so confident you will experience a powerful transformation by completing our VITA Coaching Certification, that we offer a full money-back guarantee. This guarantee is contingent upon you completing the full program, including attending all program calls (live or replays) and submitting evidence of completion of all required coursework (checklists, playbooks, etc.). You must submit your request for a refund and all required documentation by December 31, 2024, to qualify. Please see the Terms and Conditions for the full details. 

What is the estimated time investment?

Every week, you will need to invest around 15 hours to complete the program if you want to graduate in one year. You have two years to graduate fully, so you can prioritize your studies as you desire. Dedicating a reduced 6 hours a week allows completion of the key elements to make the most out of the program live. You can then finish up the remaining requirements in 2025. 

Some students do the program at their own pace since it’s possible to graduate up to a year after the program has finished. The program allows you to be very flexible in how you manage your time, as many of the pieces are self-study or self-practice that you can do whenever it suits you, and if you can’t join the live interactive sessions, then we share the recordings with you within 24 business hours.

This program is meant for women and female-identifying people who want to become masterful coaches at the top of their game, and the time commitment reflects that. The level of time commitment is similar to that of a graduate program.

When are the live calls held?

We have a thriving community, with 50% of our students residing in North America and the other 50% all across the globe.

All calls are hosted in the Pacific Standard Time zone, with most of the live calls held between 6am PT and 5pm PT. 

How much of the program is face-to-face and how much is taught online?

The course material will be 100% online, with a mix of pre-recorded content and live calls where you can speak with Layla, the senior teachers, and other participants.

Each week, you will have at least 4 hours of live calls that you can attend from anywhere in the world, so there are lots of opportunities to ask live questions and be guided by Layla and the team.

If you desire to attend the week long optional Live Embodiment Retreat (only for VITA Coaching students!), you can experience the teachings live, in person with Layla, the senior VITA teachers, and the community. 

Is the VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification Program backed by an accredited institution or board?

For coaching, there is currently no accrediting board or coaching body that truly matters to clients and we have found that clients choose coaches based on results rather than on a specific accreditation from an outside institution.

Please note that this program is not psychology or therapy, for which you need a degree and a license. We are also not affiliated with any university.

The VITA™ coaching method is a unique system that incorporates coaching methodology with holistic embodiment tools, the philosophical wisdom of Tantra and yoga and the understanding of neurobiology to create a powerful approach to sex, love & relationships that is cutting edge and not what you will find in traditional systems. In addition, you’ll find much more creativity, healing, and freedom you can have in this certification rather than tests, internships, and so many licensing rules.

Do I need to do the coaching sessions in person with an office or can I do this online?

I encourage you to do virtual coaching sessions. It means you can work from anywhere in the world, you don't need to travel, and you don't have to pay for your own office or session space.

However, if you already have clients or you strongly prefer to work in person, then you are welcome to use this coaching process for live sessions as well.

Do I have to touch clients?

No. All of this work is designed to be done virtually and be effective without touching your clients.

One way that this work is unique is that it will allow you to guide the client to work in an embodied way with the tools while you guide them remotely. What I mean by this is instead of just talking to your client, you will help them with processes like breathwork, body-talk, meditations, sounding, and many, many more to take the process much deeper into their body and psyche even when you are communicating virtually.

You'll be empowered to give homework that is appropriate for your coaching niche. So if you are a sexuality coach, you will give homework for your clients around sexuality and sex, but you won't be guiding them through sexual experiences yourself.

Is VITA™ Coaching right for new coaches as well as experienced coaches?

Yes! We have many people go through the program that are coaches currently, and many people who do not have a coaching practice. We train you on the tools to: 

  1. Create an embodied coaching practice and give you the confidence to become truly embodied in your coaching, and…
  2. Deepen your coaching practice if you have one already.

 The entire first four months of the program are dedicated to your own personal transformation journey around your sexuality where you will discover how to access your sexual ecstasy, power, and sensitivity, while also expanding your heart and capacity to love, and exploring how to create intimate and healthy relationships.

This process allows you to drop deeper into the core coaching tools in Trimester 2 focused on coaching others. We will teach you a 14-step process that you can confidently use with any client to get powerful results. This part of the training reveals the foundations of a successful coaching session and how to use goals in coaching, while introducing The Desire Map, the MAU tool (mirroring, acknowledging, and understanding), and an empowering transformational map. You’ll also discover how to identify and transform limiting belief systems and unconscious objections.

What if I don't want to coach/decide I don't want to coach?

We have had many students use this certification to uplevel their abilities to thrive in a variety of career tracks beyond coaching. You will be able to find your own unique way to integrate the certification into your existing practice and work. Many of our graduates who were already certified or trained in different healing modalities have really enjoyed their new creative way of working and have felt really inspired and ignited by the program. Some have shifted career paths altogether, while others have simply tweaked their current work. In short, the possibilities are endless, and you will be inspired and supported to figure out where to take your business and work in the future.

What will I get when I graduate from the program?

The live program begins on January 8th, 2024 and is completed on December 9th, 2024. In addition to the first year of live calls, you'll have additional bonus months of live coaching and development calls in 2025.

If you provide evidence of completion of all the videos, personal practices, coaching session practicums, and reading all material, you will receive a certificate of completion for a 600-hour training in VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching from the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, signed by Layla Martin.

Proof of completion will include turning in your complete workbook that goes along with the training manuals, your log-book for your personal practices and meditations, and your coaching log-book and audio recordings for coaching practicums and client hours.

You have a full 2 years to graduate, so you turn in your graduation requirements by December 15th, 2025 (the following year). We will award your certification upon proof of completion up until this date.

Will VITA™ Coaching give me the business training I need?

Yes! We’ll train you on 4 strong tools to get you going:

  1. Develop the mindset - The best business owners are effective because they’ve done the mindset work needed to back up their success. We start off Business Bootcamp strong by leading on the critical importance of how to develop a mindset for business.
  2. Understand wealth consciousness - You’ll learn things like what to charge for your services, the type of income expectations to have, how to charge premium pricing with confidence, and much more.
  3. Skills to execute - In the Business Bootcamp portion of the program, you’ll become an expert at running your business. We’ll give you time to receive personalized feedback on the tactical parts of your brand, including your website, packages, pricing, copy, and more! In addition, we teach you how to create content on the platform that most calls to you.
  4. Building your brand & audience - When you become intimately familiar with who your ideal client is, you can begin to speak directly to their hearts, wants, and needs…drawing an audience to yourself that truly desires the type of work you’re doing in the world. You’ll be guided by weekly calls/worksheets and PDFs to help brainstorm and develop your soul-led sales approach so you can meet your potential clients where they are. You’ll also learn our custom sales process, where you can walk a client masterfully through your process, methodology and results.
How much can you charge as a coach?

Over the last 6 years, I’ve repeatedly seen that a typical graduate from my certification program can start their coaching business charging $150-$300 an hour and sell coaching packages in the ballpark of $1,500-$10k per client.

One graduate from 2021, Jo, made $150k in 3 months after taking the program. She then raised her prices to $15k per client for 6 months of coaching. While Jo’s results aren’t typical, they’re 100% achievable!

We’ll train you on aspects of business to help you recognize and charge what you’re worth, and provide content surrounding wealth consciousness, building your book of business and your brand, and much more to allow you to feel comfortable charging what you desire.

What is the latest possible date I can sign up for the program?

If you are curious about joining – fill out an application!

General registration for the program is open until January 8th, 2024 when the program begins. 

We have three (3) different enrollment periods. A discount is available for each if you pay in full. Here are the details for each: 

  • Super Early Bird (July 25 - September 12, 2023)
    • Pay in Full: $13,000
    • Payment Plan: 24-month payment plan at $566 USD per month
  • Early Bird (September 13-November 7, 2023) 
    • Pay in Full: $14,000
    • Payment Plan: 24-month payment plan at $599 USD per month 
  • Standard (November 8, 2023-January 8, 2024) 
    • Pay in Full: $15,000
    • Payment Plan: 24-month payment plan at $650 USD per month
What if English is not my first language? Do I have to coach in English?

If you have a high/intermediate-advanced level of English skills, you will be able to take this program without issues. Some of the language used is specific to this field, so it might be a good idea to plan some extra time to look up the meanings of words that you may not know or rewatch videos.

A small percentage of our students are from non-English-speaking countries, so it’s completely doable!

You have to coach in English during the program, so you must submit your graduation materials in English (please note that the sessions that you just need to log could be conducted in any language and the notes could be English.)

After graduation, you can go on to coach in any language you wish.

I’ve done several coaching certification programs and training before, what makes this one any different?

There are four key elements of the VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Professional Certification Program that make this certification highly individualized and unique:

  1. Embodied Self-Practice
    Students will be exploring their own sexuality and doing a deep dive into their own body as well as their relationships and capacity for love. This is where the essential, natural transmission of the work takes place, because you experience it first as a student, then transfer that transmission of the experience to your clients as a coach. This will make you a true teacher of integrity because you have gone deep within yourself and have done the work, and your clients will be able to feel that.

  2. The VITATM Coaching Method
    I am going to teach you my proven VITATM Coaching Method (The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach to Coaching) that takes you step-by-step from session one to session ten on how to take a client from suffering or struggling to healing and integration. This is my very own proven method that I use in my own personal coaching sessions. You will not only receive the framework, but you’ll also be able to tailor it to your particular niche so you can go deeper with clients on the specific issues you will address as a coach.

  3. The Coaching Practicum Sessions
    Each student will have the opportunity to coach and be coached live with their peers in the program to gain a solid understanding and experience using the advanced tools and techniques during the program. Most programs allow for practicing the tools once or twice, but you will repeatedly use them over and over again until you are fully confident and motivated to use them with clients. This was designed to help you feel ready and prepared to be a successful coach upon graduation.

  4. Brilliant and Inspiring Community
    For most coaching programs, you can just click the “buy” button. We care a lot about your success and the reputation of this program, so every student goes through the application  process. That means you’ll be surrounded by peers you can respect, and you’ll be certified in a program that will be taken seriously by clients.
How does the depth of VITA™ Coaching compare to the depth of VITA™ Sacred Sexuality?

VITA™ Coaching is a professional certification program for women and female-identifying people who want to become certified sex, love, and relationship coaches and learn to use the teachings to coach others.

VITA™ Sacred Sexuality is a monthly-based program where you will get access to guided practices, workshops (or “playshops” as we like to call them!) and Layla’s teachings to experience the benefits of a Tantric approach to your own life.

VITA™ Coaching goes deeper than VITA™ Sacred Sexuality, however, you can do the VITA™ Sacred Sexuality program…

  • Before VITA™ Coaching to get a feel for the foundational tools (Breathwork, Healing + Integration, Pleasure, Elevate) and the VITA™ teachings and methodology
  • After VITA™ Coaching if you want to be part of the active community and continue the practices that you’ve taken from VITA™ Coaching.
Is the VITA™ Coaching Certification appropriate for someone with a history of trauma?

While the VITA™ Coaching Certification is meant to empower your sexual wholeness in a trauma-informed container, it is not a trauma resolution program. If you carry significant trauma, and you have not had any support around it (therapy, somatic experiencing, etc.) the course might be too activating for you to complete at this time. However, if you have already done trauma resolution work and can confidently hold yourself through sexual embodiment practices, breathwork, and emotional liberation processes, then the VITA™ Coaching Certification can be a deeply supportive next step in your healing and empowerment.

Is the program for heterosexual women only or do you welcome women with other sexual preferences?

I fully welcome and celebrate lesbian, queer, bisexual and pansexual women and any other sexual identities and choices in this course. I fully embrace and celebrate LGBTQ+ sexuality and want it to be fully included in Tantric work. I’m a teacher who comes from heteronormative teachers and systems - I myself am bi-sexual - and I welcome all sexual orientations and queer-identified women and women-identifying people to the program. I believe that all sexual orientations are healthy and natural expressions of human sexuality.In this program, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. You work with your own body and sexuality in a way that empowers and supports your sexuality, independent of a partner or your sexual orientation.However, some of the language in the program is heteronormative and/or gendered. If you feel okay and safe to adapting that to yourself and to how you will work with LGBTQ+ clients in the future, then I fully support you joining this program. We really, really need more coaches doing this work who are specializing in LGBTQ+ sexuality, both in their own experience and with their clients, because for too long this work has been taught in a very heteronormative way. 

Can I join this program if I'm non-binary or trans?

In my material and courses, we use the word woman for any person who identifies as a woman, regardless of their assigned sex at birth. I acknowledge that gender is non-binary, fluid, and on a spectrum and support each individual’s right to live in alignment with their gender identity. I desire for non-binary and trans people to be fully included in Tantric work.

That being said, this course is gendered and uses gendered language and I’m a teacher who comes from heteronormative teachers and systems. I’m much more inclusive than most Tantra teachers out there in that I feel that femininity and masculinity are fluid and self-created (meaning you define what masculinity and femininity is to YOU, not what society tells you it is) and it's more important for someone to be authentic than to try to adhere to a rigid idea of what gender is supposed to be.

My desire is to be as inclusive of trans and non-binary folks as possible, but there are current limitations in the program content and material. 

For instance, the majority of practices included in the program are currently tailored for individuals with a vulva. As a result, these practices may not directly apply to individuals with penises. We want to emphasize that our intention is not to exclude anyone but to be transparent about the current limitations of the program's content.

In addition, we have a Men's Coaching and a Women's Coaching section, but there isn’t an entire separate coaching structure for non-binary identities. Instead, we have conversations about how to use the practices based on how someone identifies and what sexual organs they relate to or want to work with. 

While I want this to be a safe and inclusive space, I haven’t created a whole body of work around being queer, trans or non-binary. Instead, you’ll learn how to share and use the practices, which are based on biology and sexual identity, in a way that is unique to how your clients identify and what they desire. If you are non-binary or trans, feel into what you need to be safe. 

If you're okay working with practices that are labeled "Men's" and/or "Women's" in a CIS-gendered, heteronormative, and traditional sense without the mentioning of non-binary or trans people in the content, and you feel supported to navigate and make the content applicable to your clients and community, then this program could work for you. However, if that doesn't feel like enough safety or acknowledgment, we totally understand.

I’m not sure if this course is right for me. How can I decide?

Definitely check out the syllabus for 2024. Spend some time on my website getting a sense of my material. Check out what past students have to say from the live event in 2022 (you can scroll to 1 hour 30 minutes in if you don't want to watch the whole thing!)

The VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Certification Program has an online application process that includes questions asking you to consider why you want to do this work. We have found that answering these questions has brought great clarity to each applicant about whether this program feels right for them.

Additionally, you have an opportunity to schedule a live one-on-one fifteen minute call with a VITA™ Program Specialist, to give you the space to ask all of your questions and to decide if this program is the right fit for you. We are not pushy about you joining – I only want people who really want this!

I’m not sure if this is the right timing for me. How can I decide?

As much as there is such a thing as right timing to an extent, in truth there is no perfect timing!

We often experience having students join in a future year, wishing they had answered the call the year before.

Students can start earning from the program as soon as the end of Trimester 2, so we urge applicants to consider how soon they want to be earning a thriving income from this work, and enjoying the benefits of the profound transformation the program brings.

What does VITA™ stand for?

VITA™ stands for the Vital Integrated Tantric Approach.